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Authorities will enforce Russian anti-virus software on all new computers

By the middle of 2019, officials are going to require you to preset the Russian anti-virus software on all computers that are imported and created in the territory of the Eurasian economic Union. It is reported by RBC with reference to the text of the program “Digital economy”.

It is expected that after two years on all computers imported or manufactured in the EEU should be preinstalled domestic anti-virus software.

The most famous Russian producers of antivirus software — “Kaspersky Lab” and Dr. Web. The head of ESET in Russia and CIS Denis Matei said that the share of foreign anti-virus software on the Russian market without ESET is not more than 5% and continues to decline. What proportion of computers sold in Russia without anti-virus software, he said.

On the same program by 2024 97% of Russian households must have broadband Internet access at speeds of at least 100 Mbit/s (in 2016 it was 12 Mbps), all the cities should receive a coating 5G, 95% of the Russian traffic has to be routed through the domestic network. The share of foreign equipment in state agencies are planning to reduce up to 50%, software — up to 10%.

Whether to install antivirus software on a Mac, the program is not specified. Apple computers do not come with preinstalled third party software, not to mention antivirusna. The company’s policy requires the fullest possible protection of the owner of the Mac.

Anyway, can we expect in the foreseeable future iMac with a preinstalled antivirus “Kaspersky Lab” or Dr.Web, remains an open question.

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Minister of communications Nikolai Nikiforov announced that the program will be presented by President Vladimir Putin on 5 July.

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