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“They are great at working together: Apple pushes Apple Watch as part of their ecosystem

Apple has updated the official online store, adding new advertising illustration with Apple Watch. The company is positioning the wearable computer as an integral part of the brand ecosystem. In strict accordance with the new party line of the title page of the resource now is decorated with a still life of four flagship […]

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Tinkov believes Apple immoral company “production builds $10, sold for $1000”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and principal shareholder of TCS Bank Oleg Tinkov in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak for the magazine “Snob” called Apple “immoral.” According to him, the U.S. Corporation receives profits, hoisted people to the brand. He himself, however, doesn’t see anything wrong with that. “In the production of bread, […]

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Finnish Jolla denied reports on the establishment in Russia of a competitor iOS and Android

Finnish Jolla has denied media reports about the establishment of a national mobile operating system for Russia. Chairman of the Board of Directors Antti Saarnio in an interview with the Verge called it “meaningless” developing a separate OS. According to Saarnio, Russia is going to use various methods to reduce its dependence on Android and […]