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Australia will compel Apple to hand over access to the correspondence users

The Australian government has developed a bill requiring IT companies to provide security services access users ‘ conversations in messengers.

The Australian government is considering a bill under which companies operating in the country will be required to give intelligence agencies access to encrypted messages. As stated by the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the government must be confident that the Internet “is not being used to conceal criminal activity”.

“We must be sure that the Internet is not used as a “dark place” bad people to hide their criminal activities,” said Turnbull, quoted by Reuters.

The bill will affect such IT-giants as Apple with its messenger and Facebook that created the world’s largest social network, the newspaper notes. Previously, Apple refused to disclose such information, citing privacy.

The bill will go to Parliament in August, immediately after returning of deputies from vacation, and can be approved within several months.

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