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Augmented reality in iOS 11: the future of online shopping [video]

The introduction of augmented reality technology long time dominates the minds of ordinary users and professionals. Despite the fact that she tipped a bright future, attempts to implement AR to this time was frankly disappointed. To change the trend had managed to Apple: the iPhone maker could in a matter of weeks to prove that augmented reality is not only fun, but also very functional.

Augmented reality is the combination of virtual objects with the real world. Unlike VR where the user is immersed in virtual space, AR on the video camera is superimposed additional information. One of the practical applications of the technology is the virtual fitting of furniture and things in the house.

The authors of the project Made With ARKit has demonstrated an augmented reality app that allows you to see how a thing will look in the interior. You can drag the thing and thus to get an idea of how it will look in your home. The user can define the position of the device with millimeter precision. The size of the products massturbate the size of the room. As a result, people can make a better decision about the purchase.

Current AR applications allow you to do something similar, but their accuracy leaves much to be desired. They can choose piece of furniture and watch as it is superimposed on what the camera indicates. But thanks to technology ARKit is a new augmented reality app will be much better.

Shop till you drop! Great little ARKit hackathon project by @TheGingerPixel done @redbubble

— Made With ARKit (@madewithARKit) July 7, 2017

The current simulation program does not take into account the existing interior, and buying a person still has to deal with numbers – remember the dimensions of things and the acceptable limits when installing it. With demonstrated application do not have this problem: combining real and virtual space can make information more accessible to perception, with no extra effort.

The service will allow you to save time – no need to waste time on a trip to the shops and search for any model, the buyer can more accurately adjust the color settings of furniture and to order a model with a different shade.

Viewing experience of furniture in an existing home is much stronger, and the true dimensions allow to plan future living space.

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