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Apple invests in a device of augmented reality

AR (Augmented Reality) devices – the devices augmented reality, the trend of development of modern technologies. The publication of “The Financial Times“ reports that Apple is developing multiple AR devices. One of the main devices on which focused efforts are augmented reality glasses.

Apple is testing several models of glasses with various abilities. In some models, Apple uses its own design of a new display combining a real and virtual world, others refer to the experience of the Samsung Gear VR, which works in tandem with a smartphone.

“The Financial Times“ said that some Apple engineers tend to model with a 3D camera, which uses the iPhone as the screen. The problem is that the iPhone’s display Retina does not contain enough pixels to ensure high image quality when viewed at close range. The release of the new iPhone 8 can remove this question, as the screen features far superior to those for the latest models of Apple mobile phones.

Regardless of whether or not released to Apple augmented reality glasses, the company has already made AR-direction has priority. IOS 11, which will be released this fall, will be the biggest platform to experiment with augmented reality. New tool Apple developer ARKit will allow you to create AR applications and offer users a new approach to interaction with the outside world.

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