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Audience Spotify continues to grow faster than the Apple Music with the free version

The total number of Spotify users reached 140 million people worldwide, including users of the free version of the service. This is stated in the company statement.

Almost a year ago, the streaming service music broadcasting announced that its user base has exceeded 100 million people. In March of this year it was announced that Spotify has over 50 million paid subscribers.

Now Spotify says about 140 million active users, without specifying the number of paid subscribers the service, which was launched in April 2006. In any case, Spotify is a good achievement of the previously paid subscription were issued only every fourth user. Today it is every third or 37% of the overall user base streaming service.

Last week during WWDC 2017, Apple has declared about 27 million paid subscribers Apple Music service, which at the end of the month will be two years.

Unlike Apple Music from Spotify is completely free: the user is forced to listen to advertising, as some functions work with constraints. Guide Spotify has previously stated that they are willing to go to such expenses (revenues from advertising do not cover payments to labels) to build up your base and then make free users paid subscribers. The results indicate that while the company was able to successfully follow such a strategy.

Last year the turnover of Spotify, grew 50% to $3.3 billion In the next couple of years, the company intends to spend more than $2 billion in royalties for the musical compositions represented in Spotify.

Some analysts attribute the rapid growth of the subscriber base with the recent announcement by Taylor swift. The singer said that revokes the ban on the publication of their albums in Spotify: the last three years they weren’t there.

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