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Attackers massively steal Apple ID accounts using the SMS-attack

Specialists in digital security ESET fixed mass attack, aimed at stealing the credentials of Apple users.

Fraudsters send out SMS on behalf of Apple. Reports say that the validity of the Apple ID account will expire, or that the account is temporarily blocked for security reasons. Also used a text about the discovery of a lost iPhone. User trying to convince you to follow the link and enter the username and password of Apple ID to restore access to your account.

The text of the message resembles the official address Address, so inconsiderate a person may believe ezine. Fake page enter the Apple ID copies the design of the present. On some phishing sites, the victim is offered not only to authorize but also to enter other personal information, including credit card information.

If the user does not understand the trick and enter your Apple ID and password he will redirected to the genuine page of the service. Thus, people might think that was a mistake in entering the credentials and successfully login on the second attempt. Most of the users will be assured that have undergone the process of recovery and from them nothing more is required.

Initially, the experts detected phishing sites in English. But today, scammers are adapting the content for other audiences.

Experts advise recipients of the phishing SMS to ignore the message and not respond to attackers. If possible, you should report spam to the service provider. To protect accounts, including your Apple ID, it is recommended to connect two-factor authentication.

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