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ATMs of the largest banks in the US will support Apple Pay

Largest US banks – Bank Of America and Wells Fargo – have announced plans to introduce at their ATMs support smartphones. According to PaySpaceMagazine, until the end of 2016, the ATMs will start to work with Apple Pay.

In Wells Fargo reported that the new technology will allow iPhone owners to interact with the ATM using a smartphone, refusing payment cards. Mobile phones will interact with ATM-based NFC connection. During the year the Bank plan to connect to ATMs and other mobile wallets to meet the demands of their depositors.

In Bank Of America are also developing the system of access to the ATM without a payment card. “We already have a number of mobile solutions, and I think Apple Pay may soon to join them”, – said the press service of the Bank.

More clear answer so far was not achieved. However, given the fact that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the U.S., as well as expert comments on the condition of anonymity, Apple Pay will likely work in ATMs and the Bank.

Customers Of Bank Of America will contact ATMs on the same principle as in Wells Fargo – NFC. The first ATMs with the option of mobile access will appear in Silicon valley, San Francisco, new York and Boston in February. By the middle of the year it is planned to broaden the base of such ATM.

ATMs with the option of mobile access will also appear in JPMorgan Chase. But about Apple Pay in the Bank until mention.

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The ability to get money from an ATM without a card will not only be convenient to users who forgot their wallet at home. This will solve the problem of fraud at ATMs as criminals install skimming overlays to copy the card details.

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