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Athletes from North Korea abandoned the free smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at the Olympics in Rio

Especially for the XXXI Summer Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro Samsung released a limited edition of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition that was distributed to all participants. However, as it turned out, not all agreed to present. Olympic athletes from North Korea refused to accept free gadgets Samsung.

As reported by Techtimes, thirty athletes from the DPRK did not accept the device, even though the head of the team signed for 31 mobile from games organizers. The latter said that his players will not get gadgets for political messages: the team strongly oppose the distribution of gifts, promoting a false ideology. This practice in North Korea is quite common, having for its purpose to prevent the corrupting influence of Western products to the citizens of the country.

The conflict between North and South Korea has lasted for more than seventy years. The origins of the current tensions on the Korean Peninsula was laid in 1945 when the Second world war. South Korea has performed under the leadership of the UN for the unity of the state, North the Supreme people’s Assembly proclaimed itself the Democratic people’s Republic of China.

From 1950 to 1953, the country was in a state of military conflict, with strong participation from China, USA, USSR, after the armistice, American troops continue to remain in the territory South of the state. All the time between countries still occur armed clashes, which lead to casualties.

Neither North Korean officials nor the representatives of Samsung did not comment on the situation with free smartphones, but some fans and athletes have expressed a negative attitude towards the incident. In their view, sport should not be so closely intertwined with politics, and does not have anything to do with it.

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