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At the presentation Tim cook lost 200 litres of lubricant

Service users on Twitter caught the Apple that she refused to give the player the baseball team the Cleveland Indians about 200 liters of lubricant and generally kept silent about this circumstance. Curious about the writing resource the Verge.

June 8 presentation WWDC Apple CEO Tim cook spoke about the amusing case of the baseball player. Member of the Cleveland Indians Brandon moss on one of the games made his hundredth home run (an important achievement in baseball), but hit the ball straight to their colleagues on the team in the warm-up zone. They took the ball himself and demanded a ransom.

Baseball players are very sensitive to the jubilee balls and before moss had a choice. The players asked him to buy all of the items from a long list, among which were basically “Apple” gadgets: MacBook Air, iPad, Apple Watch. One of the players demanded a 50 gallon grease. The list of requirements was published in the microblog the Cleveland Indians.

At the conference, Tim cook revealed the details of the story and showed the ball, which he managed to buy the team in exchange for their wishes. Apple CEO gave all players the devices that they indicated in the list, and the ball promised to return to Brandon in person.

The list of requirements shown on the big screen WWDC. However, in the list presented at the conference, was removed one of the items is above 200 litres of lubricant. Did baseball player from cook needed him the lube, still no one knows.

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