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At the Apple Store brought iPhone X more than expected

Despite reports of a possible shortage, the beginning of sales in some Apple Store brought 1,000 iPhone X of each color and memory.

In anticipation of the start of sales, many predicted that due to difficulties in manufacturing the iPhone X, 3 Nov available gadgets may be much less willing to buy a new product.

The first batch of smartphones that were released for pre-order on 27 October 2017, were sold out in less than half an hour. It was rumored that a gadget in the first day of sales, only those who managed to make the pre-order one of the first.

Around the world people took place long before the start of sales. Maybe later it will be known whether all of them were able to purchase the long-awaited smartphone.

Skeptics said that Apple deliberately spreading rumours about shortage of iPhone X to justify low sales. But the company says it plans to sell a record number of smartphones before the end of 2017. And the delivery time of new products has declined significantly.

Some users on Twitter reported that already bought the iPhone X:

“I just went to the Apple Store in London and purchased iPhone X in 10 minutes. Without the pre-order”.

Looks like Apple is prepared to launch properly. However, it is possible that difficulties will arise in the Apple Store, San Francisco, November 3, 2017 kidnapped more than 300 smartphones directly from the delivery truck.

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