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At CES 2017 showed the world’s first “smart” comb [video]

Company L’oreal has introduced the world’s first “smart” comb. A device called the Hair Coach is different from the usual cosmetic enhancements that can warn the owner about the application of too strong that can damage your hair. The announcement took place at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Comb Hair Coach created in conjunction with Withings – a division of Nokia. The product integrated a range of sensors, including a microphone, a sensor of conductivity current and the gyroscope. The evaluation of the received data the mobile application can determine the main parameters of the health of hair: the degree of damage, humidity, fragility and confusion.

The obtained information is combined with local weather (humidity, temperature, wind speed), based on what the user of the device offers recommendations on hair care.

Tellingly, the manufacturer decided to keep the regular comb design, not becoming to add a futuristic. The right move, because some unconventional elements might scare off the average buyer, and the classic design will gradually implement the “smart” functions in people’s lives.

Sale Hair Coach will begin this year, however, retail price of new items not yet announced. Experts suggest that it will not exceed $ 200.

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