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At American University did a layout for smartphone users

Staring into the screen of a smartphone, people often provoke dangerous situations. Users are so attached to their gadgets that sometimes do not notice anything around. Sometimes this leads to accidents. The Utah valley University has made markup for students who are using smartphones on the go and not watching their surroundings.

The marking with the words “walking”, “running” and “text” have a practical purpose, commented creative Director of University Matt Bambro. It should help hurrying up the stairs to students and those who wrote messages on the go, not to face on the stairs.

However, this is not the main purpose, says Bembry. In the first place it was put to fond of correspondence students looked at myself. “Obviously, this markup is more aesthetic than functional, he added. — Basically she doesn’t obey, but rejoice to the occurred changes.

In fact, Americans are not the first who thought about the safety of gadget fans. Previously, similar tracks did on the streets of Chinese Chongqing and the Belgian city of Antwerp. In the first case, the markup caused by the initiative of the city authorities, on the second it was a store project Mlab.

Previous similar experiment, however, ended in disappointment. As told National Geographic, almost nobody paid attention to the signs. Some pedestrians stopped to take pictures of the track. Those who saw the layout, some time later still talked on the smartphone “forbidden” parts of the road.

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