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Association of advertising and marketing criticized Safari

Six organizations involved in the development and distribution of advertising on the Internet, wrote a collective letter to Apple. They are unhappy with the new feature of Safari in macOS, High Sierra and iOS 11.

All in smart protection data collection. With the help of machine learning the browser will find and delete the data collected by the advertising providers.

According to marketing agencies, new intelligent lock system of data collection in Safari will harm websites, brands and ordinary people.

Now the sites collect data about users to show relevant ads – that is one that will interest them. For example, if someone recently was looking for a new smartphone, the advertisement blocks with a proposal to buy it will follow the user to all network resources. Suppliers of advertising know: what music are you listening to what you’re looking for on the web buying and see what. This information helps them to promote your business and sell products.

After updating Safari, everything will change, and the advertising providers will no longer be able to serve relevant ad units.

On the one hand, these changes will positively affect the safety of users, on the other hand, will now have to look at random ads that may annoy even more.

Protection of data collection by third parties was presented at WWDC 2017. It will be available with the release of macOS High Sierra and iOS 11.

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