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Assassin’s Creed: Identity – in miniature

As a rule, from the migration of large, pedigreed console series in the realities of mobile gaming there is nothing good in the world of the small screen so other standards and resources that even similar mechanics, graphics and characters don’t save – so at best, candy, vaguely reminiscent of big brother. With Assassin’s Creed: Identity, 2014 dangling in the beta test, all could (and should!) be different. Responsible publisher, not the last developer (the authors of the great strategy series the Settlers), again – long beta test: you can see that all approached the matter with an understanding of the issue. Now, when Identity is finally released, it’s safe to say it did not work.

Initially, however, the trick and doesn’t smell: Identity actually looks like a real Assassin’s Creed. Forget about those card tricks and frivolous arcade game with an isometric camera, which were previously available on iOS under the name of the famous series. The Identity view in the third person, has a story about the confrontation of the order of the Raven with the assassins, campaign mode, parkour, open world and Renaissance Italy (in the tenth minute appears Leonardo da Vinci). Plus pretty good graphics (at the level of the first two parts) and neatly laid out throughout the haystack. It would seem – everything that we love Assassin’s Creed. But no.

Look closely at this world – he’s a toy, layout 1:34. You are walking only on one borough – large by mobile standards, but quite small in scale series. The open world itself is not: any attempt by you to do something beyond the prescribed mission, they stumble about preventing “animus”: what you’re doing. The place itself is low-fat and shamelessly divorced original: the streets are three or four people, the whole area a couple of buildings higher than five floors. Such crowds, even in Assassin’s Creed 2007, simply no. Given that the original is often criticized for the deliberate playfulness and the primitive world, can imagine that happening a hundred times in its simplified version. Because of this Identity it is difficult even to believe, and just accept what is happening – the war of the two Italian groups. When in the middle of the city cut by a sword two guards, standing ten meters of their colleagues are not even moving – so sorry. However, the plot did not wait – it is enough to know that his tell between loading missions.

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Missions themselves are also quite pale parody of the original – this despite the fact that the older brother’s job not outstanding. As you have seen, the order you take not themselves, but receive it from the home screen is a campaign mode. Problem two: primary and secondary. The first contains something assassins in the classical sense: someone to protect, to kill, to Rob and to free. The second complicates the task, but slightly. Giving the job that you are planted next to an Italian monument (there is the Colosseum!) and draw the way where to go and what to do. Often the mission takes a couple of minutes: to resolve high-ranking, but corrupt Italian you need to… run up and stab official. All. The rest of the work of the assassin scrolls with about the same ease – come, done, gone. No, even a primitive game in stealth, no SAP to the target, nothing.

Perhaps that is why Identity is complicated artificially – access to following quests opens on reaching your assassin a certain level. Closer to fifth or sixth mission experience given in the campaign, not even enough considering closing additional goals. So, to go further, you go to contract.

This single player missions, divided into the same specialization assassin of an ancient order. Only if your campaign still has some ghostly screen of the script and the motivation for the actions, we then went and did. The diversity and complexity level of the epic quests in old RPG’s like “collect five skins of sheep”.

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In Identity there is still a system of perks and some kind of crafting – loot the belongings could be distributed in one large, say, armor. And if the good perks there is virtually no, then here is the ability to dress properly will help you. The thing is that in Identity the combat system is honed rampant zaklikivanie – opposing the enemy, you should just slaughter; maneuvers available, but will be superfluous. And a new glove, increasing somehow the power parameter, can be very useful.

While in Identity there is only one campaign – the ten missions about Italian feuds, which could fly for 30 minutes, if not for the limiter levels. Of course, promises more adventures, and the new unit is already hanging in the main menu marked as “coming soon”. Perhaps they will fix everything and the streets are full, and the tasks are interesting, and the complexity will increase. But while the game fell into a classic trap: it is made for computers, but works on mobile – and very poorly, because of limited resources. It remains to be seen when the big publishers will realize that just a console to carry mechanics on the phone’s screen is not a guarantee of success; it is necessary to adapt to the market. Edios, for example, with its line of GO-games this truth is understood and accepted. Soon comes to rest.

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