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Asphalt Extreme spark, storm, madness

Over the past few years we’ve learned that Central mobile racing Asphalt – sluggishly dragged at the tail of the more successful favorites: NFS, Real Racing, or some CSR Racing. One of the last issues of the series in General has disappointed the most persistent fans – instead of the normal racing released the runner, with the bottom knocked. So the upcoming release of Asphalt Extreme didn’t care about almost anyone: who cares what circles writes a downed pilot? However, as it turned out, the funeral was premature: the game was really cool.

News – asphalt more. Instead, you will go all over the dirty, dusty desert roads, through the caves, across the endless steppes, snow in the permafrost and cold. The whole “Extreme!” is an off – road mode of the last Horizon.Mode, the level of insanity which is unscrewed to the maximum.

You got any buggy, or monster truck, or even a decent rally car Focus RS. You will instantly disperse inconvenient for exploits machine to two hundred km / h, take the storm and jump (the car turns a graceful pirouette in the air), whistling fall down, suspension, swinging, going on. After all, there is placer accelerators: caught a couple, you need to tap on the screen, and updates the SUV speed record.

The columns, meanwhile, plays something vigorous-and ever more electronic music so not exactly conveyed the spirit of the action – you are running laps through the desert, knock down fences, fences and flimsy partitions, demolition of opponents; the game for a few minutes to accumulate this amount of destructive energy that I want to immediately look out the window and scream. Especially given the local level graphic designers are quite right to bet on the realism and carnival entertainment – every few seconds on the screen that some fires, burns and shimmers. Play-firecracker.

After each race you are given some money, and cards – this is an important currency in the world “Asphalt Extreme”. The fact that parts cannot be bought here directly – as, for example, in a recent Club Gear and need to clear through the card. Collected five cards of aluminium (the material) and some of the piston – can change the chassis. To buy cards too, and to improve the car, will either have to replay the same races (and fulfilling additional conditions – otherwise the card won’t even work), or buy the containers. The latter sometimes handed out for free, but insistently asked for money – given that “Asphalt Extreme” the game is free, perhaps the developers have a right to.

With machines there is even harder. In the race the many varieties of trails for different vehicles – where will drive monster trucks, no room for a flimsy buggy. But to raise a battle fleet and, as a consequence, to drive all the races – you need a lot of money that you simply cannot earn.

But in “Asphalt Extreme” lots of modes, and the authors tried to make them original – for example, there is an analogue of the game “Sifu” when riders pass each other a kind of “infection”. There are classic ring, and race through, and – a favorite – a duel with lightweight contender on the highway where oncoming lorries.

“Asphalt Extreme”, of course, is degenerated. After helpless of releases it’s nice to see it written off from the accounts of race rises from the ashes – and then sear a couple of adjacent competitors. Drive, off-road, frantic pace and a lot of crazy energy bubbling under the hood of a giant Bigfoot – now Asphalt without asphalt, but it all just better.

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