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Asphaleia 2: the best solution to protect applications and system functions in iOS 8.4 [Cydia]

Tweak Asphaleia, designed to flexibly configure the security settings on the iPhone and iPad has updated to support iOS 8.4. With Asphaleia 2 can further protect the applications, settings and various functions of the mobile operating system Apple.

Asphaleia 2 is a response to the jailbreak app BioProtect, BioLockdown and AppLocker using the capabilities of the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone. In contrast, Asphaleia works with all devices running iOS 8, even not equipped with a fingerprint module.

Asphaleia 2 allows you to restrict access to the applications page, Spotlight, multitasking panel, control, prohibit the movement of icons on the home screen and even off of a smartphone or tablet. This may be a simple alphanumeric password or a fingerprint scanner.

In a separate section of the application can be flexibly set parameters. Asphaleia allows you to use delayed lock (from 10 seconds to 30 minutes), unblock open programs until you exit them and hide screenshots of the apps in the multitasking drawer. Dynamic lock provides the ability to quickly add or delete certain tasks and system functions from the list of protected without going to settings.

Asphaleia 2 can be found in the main repository Cydia. The updated cost of the tweak is $1.99.

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