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As the iPhone X will change the smartphone market. 5 consequences

Very soon you will see how all the smartphone manufacturers will start to follow Apple.

3 Nov in sale Ultradonkey iPhone X. it’s not clear how Apple will deal with the deficit, but that’s not important now.

Much more interesting to understand what happens with the other flagships after the final release of the tenth iPhone.

In Cupertino sincerely believe that the next gadget will change the world.

My goal is to capture the implications of these changes.

1. Wireless charging in every home

It is hard to believe, but if Apple manage to pull off another revolution, then a year or two wireless charging will be the same standard as, for example, terminals that support Apple Pay.

Came to the cafe? Left iPhone on the table, and it’s charging.

Get in the car? Got an iPhone from his pocket, placed near the gear box – voila.

Go to bed? Just put iPhone on the nightstand, then he will do everything himself.

Android manufacturers will not go past such a cool feature – they will also start to produce smartphones with Qi-enabled, and the cool charging.

Wait: Xiaomi Mi7 will get a function a-La the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

2. High price

Tenth iPhone worth thousands of dollars and actually led the top most expensive (of mass) of smartphones on the planet. Bosses And other brands look into the statistics of sales of the flagship from Cupertino, scratch my head and mumble: “want it”.

The market is divided into three parts:

– Samsung, Sony and HTC will send him a thousand dollars – thank you Apple for inspiring;

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– Huawei will feel like a king in the segment of affordable flagships. Neighbours of the Chinese in this category will be Motorola, LG and Xiaomi partially;

– The Chinese will be a real festival because of the competitors in the section “to 250-350 dollars” will not. And wanting to climb too, will not – all will subconsciously be drawn to the iPhone X.

It seems that the increase in prices carries only minuses, but one plus is still there: self-respecting Corporation will abandon the 32-Gigabyte version of the flagship. Since Apple makes from 64 gigabytes, others too will be ashamed to fall below.

3. Everyone will introduce analogues of Face ID

A sensor for detecting fingerprints a thing of the past – its like a 3.5 mm Jack connection, ruthlessly sheathed Apple. So soon on the boxes of Android smartphones proud inscription “Fingerprint scanner” will now yield no less to the fashionable combination of “Infrared camera”.

Wait, when will be released the first ever Android device, which would be impossible to cheat by using pictures.

4. “Ears” is in fashion

The Apple-enabled smartphones to be imperfect.

If before Samsung, LG and other giants tried to ultimately reduce the scope of, now they can be removed altogether, leaving only the earpiece and the notch for the front camera.

Yet iPhone X cloned only in China ($80 apiece), but soon well-known brands will also begin to develop a collection, which is also called “ears” or “monopoly”.

Most likely, the manufacturers will abandon the idea of integration of the fingerprint scanner under the screen. Much cooler would be to push back the front camera, but this is still far away.

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5. New material

Sixth iPhone killed the plastic and lifted into the trends in metal case – they started churning out even the most poor and greedy producers.

iPhone X make the next paradigm shift: now the metal is finally a thing of the past, and the company will compete, who has the most durable glass.

Another important point – fingerprints: the experience iPhone 8 say that the case “ten” is anchored they are not as aggressive as, for example, the latest flagships of Samsung.

Therefore, the hunt for soiled too can declare open.

And yet:

1. Dual camera will sharply vertical as the iPhone X;

2. There is a risk that the average screen size will increase from 5.5 inch to 5.8 inch in iPhone X;

3. There will definitely be a flagship, which will be a place for the scanner in the genre of Face ID, and fingerprint sensor, wireless charging and a 3.5 mm connector.

Most likely, this omnivorous gadget will come from Samsung.

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