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As the “bred” Russians money when buying iPhone and iPad

Given the fact that the “Apple” technique has received immense recognition and distribution, accessories and additional services gained great importance for sellers iPhone, iPad and Mac. Many novice users do not immediately start to understand how as accessories and services, and in their urgent need specifically for yourself and in the moment.

Retailers trying to take advantage of the lack of awareness of the buyer and impose on him the services that he does not need. Indeed, few of came newly into the world of Apple understands how simply and quickly it can start to use iPad or Mac, and succumbing to the charm of consultants such stores, the buyer can spend large amounts of money just for the air.

In the photo to the article shows the bill of the customer capital store re:Store. As you can see, the iPhone buyer is a newcomer, who managed to impose a number of additional services. If you purchase the protective film for smartphone for 790 rubles, it is still possible to explain, here is 390 rubles for the sticker is already struggling. Although this is not the most expensive service of the retailer.

For creating the App Store account and install the software buyer laid out 1600 roubles. The school account is the simplest operation and available to anyone with three classes of education. And what kind of software are we talking about? Every iPhone, iPad and Mac Apple delivers a basic set of applications, which is enough in most scenarios.

And how do you service “set up phone” price of 1990 rubles? We are not talking about Android or Windows, this iPhone, which works out of the box. And what is included in this service? Because the buyer of the smartphone have already paid for activation, account creation and installation of basic software.

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And the last thing that completes the list of shop services – trimming the SIM card. It cost the buyer to 390 rubles, although to obtain contemporary new the SIM cards of the new format is available for free in the cabin of the operator.

Total cost of additional services to the iPhone:

  • Activation smartphone – 590 rubles.
  • Create App Store account and install software – 1 590 rubles.
  • Set the smartphone to 1 990 rubles.
  • Sticker protective film 390 rubles.
  • Resize SIM card to Nano SIM 390 rubles

Thus, the buyer overpaid iPhone 4 950 rubles. The same, for a moment, he gave up for external battery for smartphone. re:Store, an official Apple reseller, has the right to set prices for its services at its sole discretion. Apple controls the stores of its partners in design, merchandising, corporate identity. But this question, as related services and their tsenoobrazovanie, apparently, is beyond the scope of her interests. One can only imagine, how surprised would Apple know how much you charge activation and installing apps on your iPhone in Russia.

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