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As service centers in Russia are cheating Apple and buyers

Method of fraud with the iPhone and iPad which works the first year, can greatly harm the buyers of Apple products. The way to avoid problems can be found in this news.

Many fans of Apple technology will attract new iPhone and iPad that are cheaper than Apple Online Store. Usually the difference in price on a new OE unit is around 15 thousand rubles. But smartphones and tablets there’s a catch.

The fraudulent scheme

Workers in the service centers buy used iPhone or iPad, and imitate the phone’s breakage. Then, claiming that the failure of the marriage, send the device to Apple and get a brand new one. As the case of warranty the company does not require from the box, charging and everything else.

In the end, the service centers get the original iPhone or iPad is used, and then sell them. It looks so good: the seller money, the buyer saved, but it will be sad if Apple will take action.

Possible measures

While Apple believes the service centers, but if the company finds out about this fraudulent scheme, then:

  • At the service center will take away all rights to the warranty service.
  • Perhaps Apple will start the trial.
  • All of the units purchased under this scheme will be blocked.

Thus, one day, all sold at lowest price iPhone and iPad will turn into a “brick”.

The scheme is increasingly used in Moscow and the regions. Experts believe that such gadgets — and the thousands across the country. But first can understand, because it brings from one hundred to three hundred thousand rubles per month.

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To avoid a situation in which the smartphone or tablet can become blocked, when buying you need to compare the IMEI on the box and the smartphone: they must match.

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