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As Samsung and Sony were trying to Troll Apple presentation

Apple knows how to surprise. Presenting the first iPhone, the company has said it will not release a device with a stylus, and on Wednesday, directly denied the words of the founder, revealed to the public this product. There is a very interesting trend: many of those who shouted that the digital pen is a useless thing when interacting with the touchscreen, you begin to think that, in General, it’s not such a bad idea.

Such a grandiose announcement was not long ago. But it cost Apple a lot of work. And such efforts certainly did not go unnoticed. Still gossip doesn’t stop with an admixture of admiration, and, as in the circles of fans, and in the camp of haters and competitors. Representatives of the latter in the face of Samsung and Sony decided that their duty is to entertain the audience, bantering over a competitor.

The British division of Samsung has posted on Twitter the following message, with a hint of stylus Apple Pencil.

“Mmm… S-Pen. Sounds familiar”

In another tweet Samsung beats the invitation to the presentation of Apple. Koreans are interested in that voice assistant is thinking about the smartphone Galaxy S6 edge.

In addition to trolling the presentation of Apple, Samsung and walked on past music service Apple Music, reproached competitor of avarice. That, he says, only three free months, whereas Google gives buyers the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge six months of free listening.

Another tweet hints at the superiority of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus over iPhone 6s Plus:

Tried to Troll Apple and in the Russian branch of Samsung. The company could not pass up styluses Apple.

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And finally the proud Koreans statement: “It’s obvious…no one will surpass us on our holiday,” Samsung said in referring to the Independent publishing house, which is called the Galaxy S6 edge Plus best Android smartphone

In addition to Samsung Troll Apple tried the Sony. In Twitter-account of the Japanese manufacturer were also seen a few messages.

In this tweet suggesting the answer Siri with binary code on a request to give a hint about the launch of Apple. The Japanese decided to publish my version of the answer in the same number system. It looks like this: “01000111 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101111 01101110 00101110”, that means “game on”.

The second tweet share without hesitation praises the flagship Sony Z5, which received the world’s first 4K display. In addition to giant screen resolutions, the novelty can boast a camera with a 23-megapixel sensor, capturing video in 4K and two day battery life:

A few hours after the announcement of the iPhone 6s in Sony decided to play a trick on his rival, asking Siri about time new products and Recalling that the new flagship family of Xperia Z5 can last up to two days without recharging.

Sony offered users to think about switching to the Sony camp and gave a link to simple instructions on switching from iOS to Android.

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