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As mobile operators in Russia are cheating subscribers

It seems like everyone’s got used to the fact that the actions of the Russian cellular operators often closely bordering on fraudulent. The connection of paid services without the consent of and notice to the customer, the inability of these services to disabled and other business practices by mobile operators, have become the norm.

As always, the rescue of drowning is the handiwork of drowning. Resource 24tv have collected the most popular tricks all mobile operators that will fly you a pretty penny.

Activation of services without permission of the client

This scheme of “sin” literally all mobile operators, so literally every mobile phone user faced with this problem. Most often, the operators can activate the service, providing the ringtone for people who call for you. Beeline thus connected subscribers to the service “Hello” through SMS. So, one of the users complains:

“Talking on a cell phone with her daughter (operator of Beeline) held a few days ago, led the author to unexpected results.

Don’t have time to put up, as there was an incoming SMS. Informed the sender that I have connected to the service “Hello”. No sooner had I surprised, because actions for connecting services from my side not attempted, as the new SMS notify about the website and the password, without which this site would not enter. Third SMS put before the fact — was that “hi” is not just connected to, and purchased by me for a period of 1 month, after which paid service will automatically renew”.

Clients of “MegaFon” has repeatedly complained about strange calls from a number of tech support: when you answer a call presented to the operator hung up, after which callers found charge. Some users tried to call back number in support, with their accounts are also written off money. As the operator on its website indicated that to call tech support is free, users have suggested that after a response to this call was connected the some services, which were written off funds.

The MTS went on the most simple — the operator just turned the service “good’ok” in a few standard packages and legally connect it to all the clients by default. Moreover, the client might not know about the service until after the expiry of the free subscription, from the account have not begun to leak money.

How to get rid of?

Get rid of services are not so easy. In the personal Cabinet on the website of the operator of all such operations carefully hidden, so ordinary people can understand. Send an SMS with the code word also may simply not work. The most effective way to disable services is to call the operator (who, incidentally, probably will state that service is included in the standard package and cannot be turned off — do not believe, to disconnect and connect separately any option). At the time of the conversation will state that this service is not interesting to you, and ask to disable it.

By the way, you can call the operator and to prohibit any paid subscription on your mobile. But here lies the RUB — such a ban is only valid for 3 months. That is, every quarter you will need to contact your Telecom operator and warn him that you do not want to see on your cell phone-no paid subscriptions.

Plan change

Many subscribers of mobile operators faced with another issue — the change of plan without consent of the customers. Thus, the workers of the call center “Megaphone” called users with the aim to propose the change of tariff plan. Moreover, the connection occurred even if the user expressed a refusal. Given that changes in the rate can be quite drastic, after these calls are advised to check your personal account and make sure that you have left the old tariff. Note that the money you will lose in any case — the “return” to the old tariff Board is also, though single.

Or Vice versa, you will be notified about changes on some service, but you won’t like it. Here, for example, some SMS sent “Beeline” to its subscribers:

“Dear Customer! 21.02.16 changed the program “Happy time”. To receive the link 15%, You need each month up to the 10th number to confirm the discount call. If you do not want to communicate with the operator on a monthly basis, you will be given a gift from Beeline, however, the discount on bond you already get”.

Operators often unnoticeable increase the rate and notify you in ten days, according to the law, on the website — it turns out that the law they followed, although it is clear that simple the subscriber will not be every day to go to the website operator to see, no change there rate. So do not hope that you will be informed about the tariff change — better at least once a month to visit the official website of the operator.

The content of the service

To be protected from forced services, mobile operators have offered a new service — protection from content services. On the idea of the operators, the service is designed to protect subscribers from different types of paid content and SMS services. They work about the same pattern — blocks outgoing calls to short numbers a content-providers, USSD requests and SMS messages to these same numbers, thus the subscriber is protected against accidental connection to the service.

Recall that from 1 may 2014 entered into force amendments to the law “On communication”, which is in the provision of content services of cellular operators are obliged to inform the subscriber about their value and to obtain consent for the provision of services in an explicit form. In addition, the subscriber has the right to have a separate (second) account to pay for content services.

However, in reality it is not so easy. First, the opening of the second account will take much more time, as it can be done only in the office of the cellular operator, where it will be necessary not only to present the documents, but submit a written statement.

Secondly, when you open a second account some operators are asked to enter a USSD command, which many subscribers can just “bump” for additional services when an incorrect code. That is, trying to protect himself from the content of the services, the subscriber, on the contrary, the “hit” on one of them, because it can literally differ in 1 digit.

And thirdly, the creation of the second account does not help the caller — in the absence of funds, the operator will begin to deduct money from the main account of the client. Many may wonder: what is the point of the second account if the money can still be deducted from the first? But the fact that the operator by any means wants to earn money on each subscriber. Therefore, mobile operators quickly discovered in the new law a loophole — changes in the law “On communications” apply only to the services of third-party content providers. Services, provided directly by the operator, you can still provide without AOC, and the money for them to deduct from the main account.

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