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As Mail.Ru Group earns on the clones

Holding Mail.Ru Group has released a new mobile game Jungle Clash. The game mechanics strongly resembles the recently debuted Clash Royale from the Finnish Supercell. The last earned for the first month $110 million, and the stream of the first eSports match at the Clash Royale has attracted millions of viewers. Mail.Ru Group, how to write Vestifinance, was not averse to ride on the wave of popularity of mobile games with elements of MOBA.

In the game industry MOBA games is already proven trend that bring good money. For example, the popular project in this genre League of Legends from Riot Games for 2015 brought $1.6 billion in revenue, ranking first among all computer games. Igrodely went ahead and decided to move the success of MOBA from traditional gaming platforms into mobile.

So, March 1 this year, came from the Clash Royale Finnish Supercell. As later estimated by experts of the portal Newzoo, the developer of such popular projects as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day, Clash Royale earned approximately $80 million the first month after the game’s release. All in all, it brought $110 million, the remaining profit is distributed among the app stores.

Supercell can release Royale Clash on the Android platform in China. Here the publisher will be Kunlun company. According to experts Newzoo, the start of the project in China should have a positive impact on the performance of Supercell.

More than half of iOS revenue trends in March had on the United States and China. Good results also showed Germany and Brazil. 33% of the revenues of the iOS version comes from North America, 31% from Asia, 23% from Europe, 9% from Latin America, another 4% give the rest of the country.

It is obvious that the success of Clash Royale inspired Mail.Ru Group and company have decided to release their version of the game, calling it Jungle Clash. The project description States that it is “a new online strategy game with dynamic PvP battles in real time and the MOBA elements”. Thursday, March 28, the game debuted on mobile platforms.

Company representatives said that the main difference Jungle Clash from the Clash Royale is in different game universes. According to them, the developers are preparing a number of features, the game will be different even stronger.”

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