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“As in the children’s matinee”: the Belarusian developer told about the peculiarities of work in the Apple

The main campus is located in the town of Cupertino at the address One Infinite Loop. It’s a big loop road surrounding the complex is four-storey buildings. Here is the management of the Corporation, that there were “born” gadgets, brought the company international fame — iPod, iPhone and iPad. Correspondent went in a Sunny American state of California, to learn the truth about how to live and work with compatriots in the Apple.

Inside the loupe is a restaurant, a large plane Parking and office complex by himself. Outside is another large bar and a gas station. And the “legendary” badge is located between entry/exit from campus.

Campus well-groomed Apple machines hiding among trees trimmed. Everywhere wooden benches. If we go around campus in a circle, with the grid you can see the outdoor dining room, and basketball court.

In the complex you can only get with a pass. Check very hard: in addition to electronic systems visitors check on the guards. But there is also a public area store.

But don’t think you can buy a brand new iPhone or iPad. The store sold a variety of accessories — t-shirts, mugs or key rings with the logo of Apple.

Put on display device only display samples. In the store the morning of a weekday people have quite a lot. One can only imagine what would be here the queues in the case of sales of smartphones or tablets.

Interestingly, all the logos and decals on exterior signs to buildings Apple are marked with different colors. Walking around Cupertino, you can find blue, purple, pink, yellow and green. However, these colors mean nothing — in the “pink” building can be located as the state sales and accounting.

Different color and logo on badges — if the logo colour is an employee of the company, the silvery front of you “soldier”. Last signed a contract with Apple. The company provides them with space to work and access corporate resources. Employees-contract employees may eat in the dining halls Apple and visit the gyms, but in General, their rights are severely limited compared to ordinary employees.

Apple employees driving between buildings at white-silvery bikes that you can freely borrow and then leave the Parking lots at the other buildings. Unlike Gbike (bikes Google), these plain, looks more solid, instead of baskets here bag (which usually carry a MacBook), and they are not lying around anywhere.

Macs Cafe — style dining room in the Apple Store

Near the main Apple campus and close to many other buildings the company is one of the “canteens” for employees — Cafe Macs. In fact, similar institutions with the same name scattered all over Cupertino, but this is noteworthy because outwardly and inwardly reminds one of the large Apple stores nearby in Palo Alto, in the historic center of Silicon valley.

The walls of closed rectangular buildings with glass, the roof is not flat, but angled a little. Go inside the Apple employees and their guests — visitors. To become a “guest” you need to register in one of the offices and receive the same sticker.

The food at Cafe Macs — for the money even for the employees of the company, however, is very inexpensive by local standards. For a hearty lunch, you will pay no more than $ 10. Payment is accepted by the staff in black shirts with the Apple tablet terminals, where you choose your food and pay for it. You can eat both inside the building and outside.

In Apple, as in any big IT company in Silicon valley, employs people from all over the world. Currently Oleg is working in the group, which is engaged in the processing of Big Data. It is the accumulation of any digital information: which smartphones were selling better than at any time they are activated, what users prefer in different regions of the world — all that Apple collects, analyzes and visualizes.

Here is a different system of hiring, a different system of recruitment agencies, rather than in Russia or Belarus. Some people can’t find work for a year, even as megaspeculator. More often than not here you’re not looking for a job, and recruitment agencies are looking for you. So a lot depends on how you will resume. For example, companies are less interested in those who “and the Reaper, and a priest of the episode, igrec”, much more interesting them just a “Reaper” who is better versed in their narrow speciality.

“When your resume online, you need to be ready for a bunch of interviews, including by phone. I was on an interview with Google, Microsoft, Cisco, but in the end got here — there was a “burning” vacancy, which will suit me,” said Oleg.

“Uncle” here is a very good work

“I haven’t seen a single person my age, I’m 40 years old, for a serious leadership position. No. A similar position is occupied with 45 years, said one of the former Belarusian. — We have formed the view that if you’re 30-40, you can not have to be a programmer or developer. And our database design is 68 years old!”

“In Belarus you can see the ad “looking for a programmer to 25 years.” Yes there is you to 25 years will take the cleaner, roughly speaking. Code that does not fit”, — the interlocutor laughs. Here meet the young and very talented programmers. But overall, the average age of it workers — more than 40 years.

Plans for the future Oleg is not exclusively related to Apple. He’s got a project with like-minded people, and perhaps in the future even be some start-up. Although, according to former Belarusian, “uncle” here is also very good to work with.

“I think Apple is a very good employer. Internal psychological attitude here at a very high level, no bother. Compared with Belarusian companies here — as the children’s matinee,” he laughs.

We approached the office, in which there Oleg. A one-storey building with a small lobby, private workstations and a kitchen where you can make tea or coffee and drink mineral water. Around the landscaped grounds — fountains, trees, paths and ubiquitous proteins. According to my interlocutor, just arranged and all other office buildings Apple.

“Access the interface of the workplace and address here through a VPN, — says Oleg. — And yet, nobody controls you get in the social network, want — download torrents. However, there was one case where someone downloaded a movie from torrent tracker, and the owner saw, where was the traffic. The man fired, but it’s probably the only time in my memory”.

“One day there was some championship cricket, and it is popular among Indians, so it was just the message “please, don’t everybody look, and then the network lies”. Without any malice and without any layoffs. In addition, nobody controls that I installed on your computer”.

Oleg told that this does not put any strict terms: “no one says, “All due tomorrow, help!” I inform my boss I do not have time, and give me more time. On the one hand, it seems that all is quiet, no wild intensity of labour, on the other hand because of this atmosphere I’m here for two years has done more than any previous that I worked in the field of web design.”

“While working I have never said categorically: “I don’t like it, don’t need to do”, says the source. Any work done will test, review and then make a conclusion — good or needs work.

According to Oleg, bound to a schedule there is no: “I come to 8, and leave at 4-5. If any meeting, you can attend and online. Don’t need anyone to take time off for a couple of hours. Sometimes it’s better not to go to work one day, then, of course, agree with the Manager. But in General, here nobody is watching”.

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