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As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

14.05.2017 0 Comments

If your iPhone isn’t as fast as I wanted, the first thought may be a need to carry the mobile to the service center. However, this is not the only option, and to spend time on consultation with experts completely optional. Below are some simple tips that can speed up your iPhone.

As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

Restart iPhone

The easiest way that helps in most cases. If your iPhone or iPad something wrong, just reboot your gadget, especially if you long time did not. To do this, press and hold the Home button and Power (button Home button and volume down, in the case of the iPhone 7), until the Apple logo appears.

As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

Free up space in memory

If iPhone you have already for a long time, probably remember a lot of “garbage”. Go to Settings -> General -> Storage and iCloud -> Manage. At this point you can delete unnecessary data.

Please note that sometimes iMessage messages take several gigabytes of memory. To clear data go to Settings -> Messages and scroll down to “message History”. Next, select the period for which you want to save the message, all others will be erased.

As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

Clear cookies and browser data

In order to remove browsing data, go to Settings -> Safari and scroll down to the “Clear history and website data”. This operation will clear all cookies and browser history.

As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

If you use Google Chrome, you need to run the application, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, go to Settings -> Privacy and find the item with data cleansing. Here you can choose what to remove.

Update to iOS 10.3.1

With iOS release 10.3, Apple moved its mobile devices on the file system APFS. Install iOS 10.3.1 automatically preconverter HFS+ in APFS.

Install iOS 10.3.1 will speed up the download of smartphone, will improve performance and free up memory, which has a positive impact on performance.

Disable the animation

Disable animations and transition effects will significantly increase the speed of the iPhone. Go to Settings -> General -> accessibility and turning “Reduce motion”.

For GPU acceleration will also be useful to reduce the effect of transparency and blur. To do this, under Increase contrast, move the switch “Decrease transparency” in the “on”position.

Disable widgets

A large number of active widgets consume a lot of system resources. Disable interactive elements can improve performance of iPhone and iPad. To disable the widgets on the home screen, swipe to the right and scroll to the bottom. Here click “Edit”. A long list of services and applications in which the available widgets. If the widget is inactive, you will see a green circle and a “+” inside it, if active – the red circle and “-” on the inside. Just remove all the unnecessary widgets.

As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

“Kill” background processes

Simultaneous operation of many resources in the background slows down your iPhone. If the option is active the option “Update content”, the app will update data in the background. It is very convenient, but can also be the cause of the lag.

To disable this feature, go to Settings -> General -> Update content. Here you can disable or enable it only for certain applications.

Please note that you can also be set to automatically download updates from the App Store. To disable it, open Settings -> iTunes Store and App Store and disable updates for apps, books and music.

Close down running applications

Apple insists that you don’t need to close applications by optimising memory and CPU. However, in a situation when the device lag, it can improve performance.

Close applications one by one in the panel multitasking is a tedious task. In iOS there is a way to simultaneously close all the running apps:

  • Hold down the power key until you see the slider to turn off the device.
  • Now press and hold the Home button for a few seconds until you return to the lock screen or home screen.
  • As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

    Now the applications running in the background process will be suspended, although they will appear in the multitasking drawer.

    Reset to factory settings

    If none of the above helps, the only solution may be a full reset, especially if you have an iPhone 5 or below. After a reset the device will look like new.

    As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

    If you make a backup copy of the data, the initial setup takes just a few seconds.

    To delete all data from your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings -> General -> Reset. Select “Erase all content and settings”.

    Please contact support

    If you have completed all of the above, but the iPhone continues to lag, ask for help from a specialist in Apple Store or official Apple representatives in Russia.

    Buy new iPhone

    Owners of iPhone 5, 5c and older devices should think about buying a new iPhone, as these gadgets are not only working quite slowly, but, most likely, will not receive upgrade to iOS 11.

    As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

    The ideal option would be the purchase of the iPhone 7 with the most efficient processor Apple A10. Not if the budget allows, is to look in the direction of the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

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