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As “Euroset” is welded on iPhone X. It’s a shame

People bred on insurance, accessories and other questionable things.

Yesterday I bought the iPhone X – this megatransfer I had the guys from the iPort. I did have them pre-order it a bit late, but good consultants have agreed with the colleagues from the “Euroset” (where the iPhone still was, but the last one).

In “Euroset” in turn, politely asked that along with iPhone I typed accessories.

I agreed for four reasons:

1. It was already evening, and I knew that either I accept the conditions, or are without a new iPhone until the second wave (mid-late next week);

2. In “Euroset” I was kindly arranged a reservation for an hour – as long I got to the store after the call Manager of iPort. If no reservation, my “ten” has got to be someone else – it’s a fact;

3. All the early reviews said that the iPhone X it makes more sense to carry in your case. I eventually bought, and paid 4000 rubles. From the rest (glass, film, insurance, guarantee) refused;

4. According to my information, the consultants of “Euroset” get sold iPhone either a paltry sum, or nothing at all. But for the sold accessories they normally pay. Why not to please the girl who helped me with the iPhone?

In General, I have had no claims. I saw that even if refused the case, I would have still sold the iPhone X, but I would ruin a nice konsultantka mood and undermined her faith in people. So no problems – so case case.

Closer to the night I opened the social network and some Apple resources, read reviews, and then conducted its own micro-investigation.

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So, “Euroset” you can blame at least two sins.

First consultants drove the prices up. First, they wanted to sell over 120 thousand, then 100 – all this instead of 92 thousand. As far as I know, this scheme was stopped, but important fact – people are already quite oborzeli.

If you wanted to speculate, you could buy the devices themselves, and then put on conditional Avito, so as not to disgrace in front of buyers and superiors. In short, a disaster.

The second sin is much more serious. Residents of “Euroset” insolently refuse to sell “naked” iPhone X without a mountain of junk. Blamed on the recommendations (requirements, installation) of the authorities and other animals, though in fact obliged to sell the phones in their standard.

To clarify: in 8 cases out of 10 the buyer comes for iPhone, unprepared. Therefore, it is possible to sell and warranty (“You then it will be easier to sell!”), and insurance (“Suddenly will break!”), and thick glass (“protect and do not interfere!”), and covers for any money, and films, and even “professional” label of these films.

The three-year warranty – a very dubious bonus, but for him shake sour the cache. Insurance is an even more useless thing: it is expensive (about 10 thousand per iPhone X), and the repair will be very long (several weeks). And that before the repair will have to prove that the responsibility for failure should the insurance company.

However, “Euroset” not bad welded on clients who agree on everything. Therefore, know that if you say X to iPhone need something to buy, feel free to pull out your phone and say that now inform all your social networks, and at the same time put menshn primary account of “Euroset”.

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The only way to cool down greedy sellers.

PS Exactly the same story has already been observed in 2014 with the iPhone 6 and the same “the Euronetwork”. Looks like the guys haven’t learned anything.

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