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As Apple struggles with leaks about the new iPhone, and why these measures do not help

It is no secret that the development of Apple products is carried out in secrecy. This is a simple explanation: the whole world does not should know in advance that the company will present next time, and the legendary presentation of the company has always been the culmination of this expectation. But “leaks” is increasing. Now, even before the official announcement, it is already possible with high probability to say that is presented by the Cupertino-based company.

Last month a student at new York University, Dejian Zeng shared their experience on the Assembly line iPhone factory Pegatron. It’s a completely different world that differs from how we see it: a tedious job, overtime hours, cramped dormitory for workers.

Zeng also talked about the measures taken by the security service Pegatron, in order to avoid leaks about future Apple products. Production starts several months before the official presentation, and the company is struggling to keep all details secret.

According to Zeng, all the workers leave their phones, keys and other metal objects in the locker rooms. To get to production, you have to have a special identification card and pass the facial recognition. Then work is tested by a metal detector.

Initially, the plant worked on the Assembly of the iPhone 6s, but when it started the production of iPhone 7, the security measures tightened. Was increased the sensitivity of metal detectors — they react even to the metal underwires in bras from women. According to Zeng, in spite of such control to carry the camera production no chance. He said that scrutiny are even senior managers who are allowed to bring phones to the factory.

Despite all efforts, details about the Apple to advance into the Internet. And this is difficult to do anything. Suppose, for the purposes of secrecy the new iPhone will not begin to produce factories in China for a few months before the announcement, and will place the order for the partners after the presentation. It is easy to calculate that the gadget will go on sale in the next few months, because you will need to set the task, to establish the production line, etc.

“I understand why people do it — because everyone wants to feel important link in the chain and prove that they know something, writes Business Insider. But all the stricter secrecy will only prevent cases like the loss of a prototype iPhone 4. If people want to “merge” information, they’ll find a way to do it.”

Recall that one of the most famous leaks in history happened before the iPhone 4 launch, when the engineer accidentally left a prototype smartphone in a bar. The phone is sold for $5,000 edition of the techno-blog Gizmodo, which made exclusive review of the device.

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