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As an Android user lost 72 000 rubles, or another argument in favor of the iPhone

In the network regularly there are headlines like “2 billion Android smartphones vulnerable to New Trojan downloaded 100 million Android users”, which tells about the problems the operating system Google. If iOS security is still not became for you a big reason to switch to iPhone, here’s another example.

In Kaliningrad, the police asked the 44-year-old citizen, who reported that the offender had stolen from his credit card 72 000. And helped him with the lost Android smartphone, which was installed mobile banking application.

The scammer hacked into the OS, having access to the user’s banking account and made off with his money, which the smartphone owner had just enough to buy protected from such excesses iPhone.

Law enforcement agencies from Kaliningrad asked only a week later, as it is through such a period, he bought a new phone and noticed some money missing from the account. The details of the case are clarified, the identity of the suspect is established.

Earlier, the experts came to the conclusion that the Android operating system sample 2016 is experiencing difficulties with the proliferation of encryption that would ensure the security of Apple devices six years ago.

In other words, Android devices are lagging behind the iPhone for 6 years in terms of security. From the point of view of long-term prospects, it does not promise users “guglofonov” nothing good.

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