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As $10 to turn any iPad into a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Probably, many came up with the idea to use iPad as external monitor for PC. Attempts to implement this idea being a long time, but the special was not successful. Working via Wi-Fi utility function, but has the problem of “slowdown”. These shortcomings devoid of the app Duet Display, which founder is a former Apple employee.

The makers of Duet Display announced a new version of Duet Display, which is not only able to transform the iPad screen into an extra monitor for your computer but also offers its own analog touch panel Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.

Touch Bar in the face of Duet Display works exactly the same as the top-end Apple laptops. The panel at the bottom of the screen changes depending on the application. The program transfers the functions of the touch bar in all support programmes, so the touch panel can be used the same way as on the MacBook Pro.

Touch Bar Duet Display works for all Mac computers running macOS Sierra 10.12.2.

The cost of the Duet Display App Store is 1490 rubles, right now the app is available with 50% discount for 749 rubles.

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