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Arnold Schwarzenegger as “the Terminator” sounded the voice prompts Navigator Waze [video]

Annoying mechanical voice that your device is voiced clues? Now it will be forgotten. If you want navigation instructions you were given with human intonation, you can use the Waze app, which has a voice guide. The app will be able to guide you in the direction of motion voice “Terminator” in the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bought in June last year by Google service together with film Studio Universal Pictures launched a new feature “Star Navigator”. Within the advertising campaign, timed to coincide with the release of the film “Terminator: Genesis”, the Navigator talks to voice the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His voice was recorded, digitized and compiled in the so-called “newtony” (by analogy with the ringtones), which are used in the popular navigation app.

To enable the voice “Terminator” will be July 1. For this you will need to download Navigator from the App Store, go to the settings app and in the Sound menu –> Language voice prompts to select the appropriate option. In Russian language the program offers two options of voice – “Milena” and “Ira”.

Launched five years ago, the project Waze is the only brand among competitors cards in iOS, which managed to increase the number of active users on the background of the release of Apple maps. Its popularity is due to the concept, aimed at “promoting and benefits for all road users – service users. Just moving to the program, you already share information with the local community of drivers.

Waze can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The application is compatible with iPhone and iPad on iOS 5 and above.

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