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Are you ready to pay 5 000 WhatsApp on your smartphone?

The package of amendments called in common parlance “law of Spring”, as is often the case, few personally read. But we know from the media that this law is very bad that it is impossible to enforce, and that attempts to fulfill the law will lead to the fact that we have three times more expensive mobile phones, will stop the development of cellular networks, and the high-tech sector of the Russian economy — the Internet — and all will die.

Meanwhile, all this discussion is conducted around the provisions of the law on the storage of transmitted over data networks, as again often happens, distracts public attention from the really unenforceable provisions of the law. And related not network operators or Internet service providers, and in General all citizens who use any communications, writes journalist Maxim Kononenko.


If you believe that you as a law-abiding citizen, not having any relation to terrorists and, say, illegal missionary activities, the act generally does not apply, then you are wrong. Because it is an amendment to article 13.6 of the code of administrative offences. This article provides for responsibility for using the networks of uncertified means of communication, unless the law provides their obligatory certification. Now, after the words “means of communication” in this article it is written “or non-approved means of coding (encryption)”.

You know? You (each individual citizen) can no longer use on your phone program, the coding information if the program is not certified, but the law requires such certification. And any COP on the street can impose on you for that action. A fine from 3000 to 5000 roubles with possible confiscation of the means of communication.

What is this program? Well, actually encode the information for all programs, since no unencrypted information in the computer does not happen, it is his nature. Well, let’s not theorise — we are talking about encryption, and the encryption of those programs, the certification of which requires legislation. For example, the legislation will require certification of the messengers. Someone from the creators of the messengers, of course, and will receive a corresponding certificate.

And someone will laugh from your beautiful far. As, for example, the Creator of the program Telegram Pavel Durov. We all marvel at the courage of Paul Durov and his civil principles, but this is not the problem of Pavel Durov. It is now the problem of each of us who have the phone installed Telegram. Because by using it we break the law. Get ready for your from 3 000 to 5 000 rubles and keep them ready.

Instead, let’s once again outraged by the fact that the poor cellular operators have to spend a lot of money to ensure no need to store useless information. And postthem that any VPN service has closed its business in Russia, as announced a few days Private Internet Access.

But when the operators and the services agree with the government (and they agreed, believe me, they have arrangements) amendment to article 13.6 of the Code of administrative offences will not go away. It will remain there, and the police will be good to know that this amendment exists. And what to look for in the phone of the person she (i.e. the police) did not like.

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