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Arcade puzzler Blyss was the free app of the week in the App Store

App Store number of apps that the iPhone or iPad and won’t be able to see even the review. Therefore, navigation and search of high-quality projects mobile devices is becoming more challenging. At the time, Apple decided to improve this process by running a campaign “Free app of the week”. Under this action each week Apple gives users the opportunity to install one favorite program that time is sold. This week it was a adventure arcade puzzle King regular price which is 150 rubles.

Blyss is a pretty interesting puzzler from the Studio Dropout Games. The game will delight lovers of brainstorming high-quality graphic design in a simple style with pastel colors, pleasant music, and original gameplay.

The latter somewhat resembles the genre of “Three in a row”, but with some reservations. To manipulate Blyss need square tiles, which differ only in the number of multi-colored dots on their surface.

The peculiarity of the project lies in the fact that it is quite possible to change any of the elements, making them similar to the next. In addition, we can make chains of different tiles. Importantly, the same aggregation was not less than three and not more than four squares.

Yes, the maximum number is also limited and this is one of the most difficult terms of gameplay. The fact that the main goal of the puzzle is to ensure that the tiles don’t have points remaining.

After separation of the chain of squares with two dots, the number is reduced by one unit. If in the selected cluster will be tiles with one point, it is deactivated, while others are still active. Just when compiling the following handful of we can’t use empty blocks.

It should also be noted that the allocation of tiles occurs only horizontally and vertically. In General, we need to try to do so that active elements are not located diagonally, as in the future their use will not work and we find ourselves at an impasse.

The game is rich and manually created missions and procedurally generated puzzles, allowing you to forget about everything with three game modes: time attack, Playground and endless. Initially available only to the latter, and the remaining rasplachivayutsya the achievement of certain results. Visual design and a relaxing soundtrack add to the atmosphere of intellectual serenity.

During the week, Blyss will be available for free. In-app purchases in the game are available, but using them is optional.

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