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Appster is a powerful tool to view additional information about applications and tweaks on your device [Cydia]

Appster is a free utility for jailbroken devices that allows you to view detailed information about installed applications. With its help, you can find the Assembly identity, version of the program, its location, developer name, and so on. The directory of every installed application can also be accessed directly using iFile.

The possibilities are not limited to Appster. First of all, the utility allows you to easily copy the information about installed on the device applications. Information from each field can be sent by e-mail.

Along with the export opportunities that are available using buttons in the top right corner of the program, Appster can hide App Store updates. This is a convenient feature for those who want to use old versions of iOS apps.

In addition to the above, on the Cydia Tweaks tab, you can see the available repositories and all installed tweaks. As in the case of the application list, information about the Addons you can view, copy and export. Using quick links you can open the Cydia packages or view them in Safari.

Tab Apple you can obtain more information about the applications that are installed on the device by default. For example, in the Messages section you can see the distribution of messages according to conversations.

Appster is impossible to name the applications that can add to your iPhone superpowers, but it allows you to learn important information about the installed programs and tweaks. Free utility can be found in the BigBoss repository.

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