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Apps in the iOS 10.3 can change the icons on the home screen at any time without updates

Among the variety of innovations in iOS 10.3 users have discovered a new function associated with application icons. Now developers will be able to change the icons on the home screen of the iPhone and iPad without updating the applications themselves.

In iOS 10.3 in order to change the main icon of the program, the developer does not need to undergo the standard procedure for the preparation of a new version and submitting it for review to Apple. The icon can be changed at any time. Hacker Steve Trenton-Smith posted on Twitter a screenshot of the notification on the replacement of app icons.

According to the developer, the app can not change the icon if it is on an active screen of an iPhone or iPad. The function “hot” replacement of icons is not available for devices that participate in the educational program.

The ability to change the icons promises some new features. First, developers will be able to change the badges on time promotional companies or in the holidays. Theoretically, the game can put new icons depending on the passage. In turn, a weather app can display different icons corresponding to the current weather conditions.

How developers will use this feature of iOS 10.3, is still unknown. Should wait for the release of the final version.

Recall that in the new OS Apple will also give developers the ability to reply to user reviews in the App store. In addition, the iPhone and iPad will be able to mark apps without leaving them. Each application can be send up to three requests to put the assessment during the year.

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