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Applications with 3D Touch software, which reveals the potential of the unique features of the new iPhone 6s

There is a perception that the 3D Touch technology in the iPhone 6s brings to mobile devices is nothing new and revolutionary. Browser The Verge Lauren Goode did not agree with this opinion. He is confident that the 3D Touch is really advanced technology, which offers many opportunities both for users and for developers. He made a selection of mobile apps whose developers creative approached the project features 3D Touch. The capabilities of these applications extend far beyond the notorious gestures, Peek and Pop.

One of the interesting applications is called Bandit Shark Showdown was created by a team of doctors Center medical studies named after Johns Hopkins. In it 3D Touch capabilities are implemented in order to help victims of stroke to quickly rehabilitate after an illness. Players are invited to live the life of a Dolphin, having the experience of survival in the underwater world, where many predatory fish, like sharks ready to feast on his flesh. In the game the user needs to press on the screen with different force, controlling the speed and movements of the character.

“The sooner you learn to control your character, applying different forces to the screen, the faster you return your abilities,” explained the neurologist and the neuropathologist John’s Asshole.

Another application, which writes hood – Procreate is a graphic editor that allows to draw pictures with photorealistic accuracy. The user controls the thickness and density of the lines, pressing on the screen with varying intensity. In the music app iMaschine 2 proprietary Apple technology and is used to change the tonality but in the Breakneck game free with 3D Touch can more accurately control the flight of the spacecraft.

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This is due to the tight integration of software and hardware. Capacitive sensors in the display of the iPhone measure the smallest changes between the level of light and glass. These measurements taking into account the pressure force ensures accurate and consistent response. In turn, the iPhone sends the response, implying that recognize the effect of depression.

According to the journalist, the 3D Touch is really a revolutionary solution which in future will find new opportunities. Function is not difficult. Knowing the passion of Apple’s intuitive touch control gadgets, time to get used to it little by little.

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