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Application with artificial intelligence Nexar will warn of inadequate drivers on the road [video]

Company from Israel, announces the world’s first app-DVR based on artificial intelligence. Nexar turns iPhone into a recording device that can identify potentially dangerous drivers and in advance to warn about the risk of getting in an accident.

Nexar recognize traffic lights, remembers license plates by unscrupulous drivers and records all events, and in the event of an accident sends the video to insurance companies or the police.

After downloading the iPhone app is installed on the dashboard of the car so that the main camera was focused on the road. If someone cut the driver forced to slow down, Nexar says, everything is okay. For confirmation of the incident, simply press the button on the screen, and the app will select the frames for 20 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident and send them to the company database for archiving, collecting actual evidence of what happened.

The company claims that their technology can re-create a graphical 3D-reconstruction of the exact position of the car during the accident using the sensors of the smartphone. This can be useful in identifying the culprit.

In addition, Nexar able to read and identify license plates, repeatedly breaking traffic rules.

The company cooperates with leading Israeli navigation application Waze to in real time to warn a car accident and other violations. In addition, Nexar plans to start work with insurance companies, providing them with documentation of the accident.

Nexar app is available for free download on iOS 8.0 and later.

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