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Application oborzeli. It’s time to impose a tax on notice

Paul Gorodnitsky – Intrusive, insensitive and clingy apps that send alerts for no reason.

Five years ago I completely turned off all notifications on your old iPhone 4s. Life has become much easier – the number of distractions decreased significantly. I think I even stopped to grab his smartphone at every opportunity – indeed, sometimes I forget about it.

Of course, over time I have made application with the included alerts. Now I understand that they have extremely high – top bar of my iPhone X has gradually become a cesspool.

Had to clean up, and after this harsh disinfection I think that Apple should be stricter to treat the notifications. I am convinced that everyone, absolutely every pop-up window should carry the meaning and the benefit of the owner of the smartphone.

I will explain on several classical examples.

A typical news app will first send only the main news. Then ask, what topics are of concern – for example, you can choose the economy and sport. Then alerts will be felt more: top world news, top news, plus sports, plus major economic news. And then the application atrophied conscience – user will cast pushmi about every little thing. The task is simple – to remind myself to make more clicks.

It’s incredibly angry – notifications in news apps should I kill first.

Facebook have a similar strategy. It also fills up with notifications about the anniversary, about their friends, about other people’s live-broadcast, about the events that take place near and about the other garbage events.

The last episode, after which notice from Zuckerberg burned for me forever, was the offer to be friends with a woman that I do not have and never had intersection. Just a Stamp I wanted, so I signed up for some random aunt. Why – no idea.

By the way, Twitter instagram and YouTube trailing close to with Facebook. They also love to impose on someone else’s content.

“Look, your friend N posted this story for the first time in a long time.”

“Oh, Mr. X, whom you read on Twitter, put like that hashtag”.

“Channel Y, which you are not even signed, published such a video”.

For whom is this information? Children who do not care where to click? Apparently, Yes.

Next stop – the taxi app. So Hello from Yandex:

Here we must not forget that the notification of withdrawal of money comes in another text from the Bank. In the end – 5 pushey for one five-minute journey cost 130 rubles. Brilliant!

The game itself, also do not know the steps – get ready to get all the info about the bonus gold and other megaprize. Same here – apps with coupons (“Here, check it out, we’ve added new discount”) and applications for the delivery of food (“we Have in the catalog a new Indian restaurant!”).

Potentially such a variety, it is easy to go mad. With notifications really need to do something: not every user configures their patiently – more often they climb and climb throughout the day as the zombies in the game Plants vs. Zombies.

Alerts are distracting, ringing, close the top of the screen and hang on the tags of dead weight.

Their value is clearly exaggerated. Have no doubt: notifications should come only in the most extreme cases, and by default they need to be left switched off.

The best example of telegram where you can quickly and flexibly handle push. For example, I get alerts from a couple people and a couple of chat rooms – the remaining dialogs to hang in mute mode.

The problem is that in most applications notification settings superglobal deliberately hidden so that the user may push unloaded and nothing was done.

To solve the issue should administrators App Store – time to ensure that no one was insolent as the same Facebook or Yandex.Taxi.

Otherwise, people will soon cease to download a new application will appear quite understandable phobia that damned alert.

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