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Application for hunting for violators of Parking rules now allows you to complain about Parking on the Zebra

The updated app is an “Helper of Moscow” has a “to Report Parking on the Zebra”. You can now receive complaints on Parking on pedestrian crossings or directly before them.

Last year, Moscow authorities have launched an application for smartphones that allows each resident to become a Parking inspector. Any person with a mobile application can deal with illegal Parking. And now the program has some new features.

Tra ffic rules prohibit Parking on a pedestrian crossing and at a distance of less than five metres from him, said Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure. If the car is more than a minute on a Zebra crossing, or in front of her, already deemed to be infringing.

“We are constantly making improvements to the app “Assistant of Moscow” and extend its functionality, to give citizens an opportunity to participate in restoring order on the streets. To commit violations in the area of pedestrian crossing is necessary, as before, to photograph the car of the intruder and send the photo through the app,” — said in the government.

Now to fix cars violators can be throughout Moscow. The data enters an information system of traffic police, Moscow road administrative inspection and of gku “administrator of the Moscow Parking space”, after which the inspectors shall verify the information and execute a decision of an administrative offense.

With the app you can also identify cases of non-payment of Parking, to report cars parked under prohibiting signs on the lawns. “Thanks to the app users we are able to reduce the number of accidents on the roads of the capital”, — said Maxim Liksutov.

The app “Assistant of Moscow” is available for smartphones on iOS and Android. The project was tied to the “Active citizen”, and more recently for road awareness bonuses – 200 points for each fine and up to 2000 points for some of the achievements. They can be exchanged for different bonuses from the city, for example, on hours of free Parking.

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