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Application for hunting for violators of Parking rules downloaded 110 000 people, the record sent 2,300 complaints

During operation, the mobile app “Assistant of Moscow” it’s been downloaded over 110,000 times. This was announced by the publication M24 said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov. According to him, one of the users have left more than two thousand complaints in which offenders ordered to pay fines.

As told to Liksutov, one person purposefully went and removed an illegally parked car. Apparently, he even at night did not leave the smartphone. As a result of his record – 2,300 complaints that were sent through the app “Assistant of Moscow”.

In General, it is used by 110,000 people. Using the app, citizens can report on what the cars incorrectly parked or hide their numbers, so as not to pay for Parking.

“Citizens are actively involved in this work. Since launch, the app was downloaded more than 110 000 people who have sent more than 170,000 materials on violation of traffic rules, for 82 000 fines”, – said Liksutov. He noted that today the app “Assistant of Moscow” is in addition to the operation of stationary and mobile complexes of fixing the violation, as well as Hiking inspectors.

The mobile app was launched in September 2015. To report a violation, the car must be photographed from several angles: to see the license plate and road sign, the requirements of which are violated. The app automatically recognizes the room, connect them to the geotag, and send the traffic police for a ruling. In fact, at this point the tablet or phone totally responsible Muscovite is transformed into the camera like the one installed on the roads and watch for traffic violations.

Note that in September of last year, Moscow authorities reported 70 000 downloads of the application.

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