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Apple’s Vice President has called the car “the most perfect mobile device”

Senior Apple Vice President of operations Jeff Williams was named the car “the ultimate mobile device.” The conference Code Conference top Manager was asked about the directions to which California giant could be interested.

“The car is the ultimate mobile device,” said an Apple representative. – We study different areas of the market.” From this context it is impossible to establish, wondered whether Apple’s creation of the car, or just seeking to improve on-Board infotainment system vehicles from another supplier.

Williams also said the potential of the service Car Play, Apple launched in 2014 and allowing drivers to access iTunes, maps, Siri and other services to the company. According to him, Apple is interested in various new segments of the market, and crucial here is not the ability to extract the maximum benefit and the company’s confidence in its ability to offer consumers something special.

The statement of Williams appeared a few months after the network has spread rumors about the preparation of the Apple car. In particular in February, the Wall Street Journal said that the secret initiative of the company is called Titan: it involved “several hundred” experts. It is noted that the project envisages the creation of an electric vehicle, and the first designs that allow to speak about the minivan.

Of course, Apple itself has not confirmed the rumors about his plans to develop the car. But sources stress that the size of the Titan team and professional level involved in the project specialists leave no doubt that the “Apple” of the company relates to the initiative very seriously.

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Earlier it was reported that Apple has parted ways with plans to create your TV, but continues to develop its own car, which will go on the roads by 2020.

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