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Apple’s patented Digital Crown wheel for iOS devices and hinted at “frameless” gadgets

At the presentation and in press releases, Apple calls the Digital Crown at the wheel of a “smart” watch Apple Watch a revolutionary way of navigating the interface. According to a new patent application the company, in Cupertino are planning to move the hardware control on the iPhone and iPad.

The Digital Crown in the Apple watch provides a convenient way to scroll, zoom and smooth navigation in applications. The wheel also functions as a Home button and a convenient way to access Siri. Apple calls the wonder wheel is the most revolutionary navigation tool since the Click Wheel on the iPod and multi-touch on the iPhone.

In a new patent application the company describes the mobile device to control using the analogue to the Digital Crown. Moreover, the document describes not only smartphones, but tablets as well. As conceived by Apple, the digital crown will allow you to conveniently control the volume, flip through and zoom of interface elements, avoiding overlapping of the screen by hand.

The patent notes that the Digital Crown can be used on devices with the “frameless” screen. “In some cases, the gadgets will not be part of the whole surface will be a touch display,” writes Apple.

Earlier, the Italian designers of ADR Studio has developed the concept of the iPhone with the Digital Crown is the Home button. The gadget is no key under the display, instead of using the wheel on the side. It allows you to call Siri and authorizes the user using the built-in fingerprint scanner.

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