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Apple’s demand to suspend the program of recycling batteries

The number of lawsuits against Apple for the deliberate slowing down your old iPhone now has reached 45, but one law firm wants to go beyond just compensation. It is reported 9to5Mac.

DiCello Levitt & Casey wants to force Apple to suspend the program of recycling of batteries and to keep all the old batteries that are iPhone to date.

In an email to 9to5Mac, the law firm said that he would like to have all the old battery is left as evidence of the offense IT giant:

“Yesterday, the plaintiff filed a motion requesting a preliminary injunction requiring Apple to suspend its program of recycling batteries and keep any data it collects through diagnostic tests, to protect the claims of all affected customers.”

Like many other claims, this accuses Apple of defrauding users:

“Apple sold these devices to consumers, advertising a great battery life and fast speed. Customers relied on these statements, not knowing that the devices have a defect that can cause the system to disconnect their phones without warning, and iOS updates that Apple releases, to supposedly solve the problems with batteries, greatly reduce the performance of your smartphone.

Apple has deceived many of its users by releasing software to slow down iOS, with the result that they received material financial harm”.

In this form it is said that both the battery and the results of diagnostic tests form an essential evidence in respect of the company and should be retained. DiCello Levitt & Casey said that she urged them to suspend only recycling, but not replace, the batteries.

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