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Apple’s CEO criticized for the fuzzy photo on Twitter

When you are the CEO of the company that produces the world’s most popular camera, is carefully selected images before upload them to social networks. This lesson presented the head of Apple Tim cook his followers on Twitter.

Tim cook attended the super Cup match – the main event of the football season in the USA and decided to congratulate the winning team, included a photo from the field. All anything, but the picture came out blurry, Vesti reports.

Promoting the iPhone, Apple pays special attention to the quality of the camera of their smartphones. Recently a project was launched “Filmed on iPhone 6s”. Selecting in open sources 53 great photos, made the latest model of smartphone, Apple will place them on billboards in 85 cities in 26 countries.

Picture taken the day before the cook, hardly has a chance to get in the project, what Twitter users were quick to report on the Apple iPad. “Shot on iPhone 7”, “bro, you better take a picture couldn’t you?”, “Is that an iPhone shot? God, I hope not, Tim, you took on the iPad?” – excelled in the wit of the cook’s followers, which apparently spread in the social network only perfect pictures.

Not without photomontage, in which the unfortunate shot put at last year’s Billboard campaign “Shot on iPhone 6”.

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