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Apple запустила предзаказ приложений для всех своих платформ

According to AppleInsider, after the successful testing of the pre-order app Super Mario Run last year, Apple launches a new feature to registered developers.

The Cupertino company updated its web site iTunes Connect on Monday, December 11, to start a new feature available on all their platforms (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS).

Developers will be able to host a multiplayer game for pre-order in the App Store three months before the actual release. This will allow customers to view a product page before the app will go on an online sale. Before page games appear on the public Apple servers only, when there is an official release and the program is loaded into the store.

The policy change App Store provides developers with additional marketing opportunities and allows you to monitor statistics about the system pre-order.

Customers pre-ordering will get a notification with the date of the official release, then the application icon is automatically loaded to the desktop. And when you order paid apps the client can immediately see their price before downloading.

Setup pre — order- a simple process, which can be accessed via the homepage of iTunes Connect. Developers interested in using this feature, submit your application to view and choose the release date from two to 90 days. If the application is approved, it can be made available for pre-order.

The new version can be published during the waiting game. Can also change its value, but buyers still pay the price specified originally when you pre-order.

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