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Apple will turn the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone and iPad into a touchpad

The fingerprint scanner has become a key feature of the iPhone, according to Apple’s patent, in the near future he will be able to get a number of new features. The patent and trademark office has published a document describing the further development of the Touch ID technology. In Cupertino are currently planning to implement what has been demonstrated in his works, the developers of iPhone concepts.

According to the plan of Apple, the fingerprint module can be used as a component to navigate through the iOS interface. With it, you will also interact with games and applications. The solution is able to significantly expand the boundaries of traditional controls iPhone and iPad, we are confident in the company.

Touch ID will have a broader functionality. For example, to activate the multitasking interface, just hold your finger on the button right to left. In a similar way on the map you can create a new route. In another example, Apple describes a circular gesture, through which the fingerprint module to initiate a special action. The patent also describes the possibility of the analysis of the pressure force on the button. In other words, the Touch ID will work by analogy with brand Apple trackpad.

It is possible that the fingerprint scanner will be built into the touch screen surface of the iPhone and iPad. This is stated in this patent. The technology provides for the reading of biometric characteristics of the person directly from the display.

The area of application of the modified Touch ID is really wide. Unfortunately, the timing of implementation of the described developments, Apple does not disclose.

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