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Apple will tell investors how successful the iPhone 8

The third of November, Apple is going to tell your investors a bout how successful the iPhone 8 before the start of sales of the iPhone X. reported by Cult of Mac.

The fourth fiscal quarter of the company ended immediately after the start of sales of the iPhone 8. Most likely, the results will be a record, but in the future X iPhone should remedy the situation.

Analysts made a lot of assumptions about the imminent report:


Usually the fourth fiscal quarter Apple is a very successful, but this time, due to the small delay of the iPhone 8 and iPhone universal expectations X, it is unlikely this will be.

However, the company still hoped for success, planning to earn from 49 to 52 million dollars, but analysts predict only 9.7 million dollars. Last year income made up 46.85 million and, if this time the result will be similar, the fourth quarter can be called successful.

Sales of the iPhone 8

Tim cook said that he is satisfied with the sales of the iPhone 8, but analysts are not so confident in the success of a new smartphone. According to some reports, a few days after the start of sales of the iPhone 8, it has overtaken the iPhone 7. But other experts argue that this is false information and the new phone is quite successful.

Analysts predict that during the quarter, Apple will sell 61 million iPhone, but it is not known what percentage of iPhone 7 in this number. Maybe tonight the company will report the exact number of sold iPhone 8.

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Expectations for the first quarter of 2018

The first financial quarter of the company has always been the most successful, thanks to the new iPhone and the numerous holidays. But this time is expected to record sales for iPhone X, HomePod and iMac Pro.

Analysts predict 85 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, 6.6 billion more than in the first quarter of 2017.


Recently, the iPhone sales growth in China was very sluggish, but a new report says that things are looking up.


The profit from the Apple Store, iTunes, Apple Music, iCloud and other services has become a very important business for Apple over the past few years. The company hopes for revenue growth, but this requires a new users.

Other devices

IPad sales was unexpectedly strong in the last quarter. This is mainly due to the decline in the price of the cheapest model. Also continued to grow Mac sales, relative to the rest of the PC industry. Most analysts believe that iPad sales should continue to increase over the remainder of 2017. This should lead to the fact that the first quarter of 2018 will become the largest quarter of the Apple.

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