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Apple will teach cars to determine the level of cellular signal

In Apple believes that improving the level of connectedness of the cars, the reception quality becomes a driver for one of the most important factors. In the future operating systems will be able to consider the level of cellular signal.

According to information published in a patent application California giant, the driver will soon be able to download to iPhone map of signal levels for the locality in which it is located. Given this information, the car navigation system, for example, will be able to offer the driver a few options route to this goal is longer, but with the best signal quality or shorter, but with possible connection issues.

Apple believes that the current development of online services, available on-Board multimedia systems, has led to the fact that drivers attach very great importance to the quality of the onboard connection. And, in the opinion of the engineers, some really can choose the route that will take more time, but it will provide a stable network signal strength.

However, it is unclear exactly when this ability will have gadgets from Apple. The first application for this technology the company filed in the summer of 2012.

At the end of last year there was information on other related to the development of Apple. The company plans to install in iPhone special radio, which in the case of poor signal reception will send a report cellular operators.

Data is sent to the base station in a fully anonymous mode, while the iPhone owner will have direct access to the information you are sending. He will always be able to check the contents of the transmitted information and repair is made in automatic mode “complaint”, if the problem is solved.

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