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Apple will sue the activists staged a protest at the Paris Apple Store

In December 2017, the French Association Attac staged a protest in Paris Apple Store. In January 2018, the Corporation filed for activists in court, according to the Agency France-Press.

The second December 2017, supporters of the French Association of civil support to the taxation of financial transactions, Attac — broke into the Paris Apple store Opera. They distracted the guard, handcuffed themselves to railings at the entrance to the premises and shouted slogans: “We’ll stop when Apple pay”. Three hours after the start of the protest arrived at the scene the police detained about 100 protesters.

Fourth December 2017 the Department of Finance of Ireland and Apple have reached an agreement and made a schedule of payments to 13 billion euros in tax revenues. The trial lasted from the end of 2016, when the European Commission decided that the Corporation received unreasonably low tax rates in Ireland and ordered the country to collect the unpaid fiscal payments.

The second December 2017, the participants of Attac is not the first time I tried to force Apple to pay taxes. Before to organize a major protest action, representatives of the Association wanted to thwart the start of sales of iPhone X in France. Then they scattered fresh apples the largest Apple Store in Paris. The action was accompanied by slogans: “It’s not the best birthday iPhone for evasion of taxes.”

Apple representatives claim that met with members of the Association and asked to stop the demonstration due to security reasons. Apparently, these measures have not led to success. In early January 2018, Apple asked the court to prohibit the supporters Attac closer to the Apple Store and other corporate objects of the company. The Corporation also claims the activists caused damage in the amount of three thousand Euro and was ordered to pay a fine of 150 thousand euros.

“Such protests have jeopardized the safety of our employees and customers,” — said the press service of Apple.

Supporters of Attac are outraged by the lawsuit:

“This is an attempt to put the ball and prevent the implementation of the new civil demonstrations, to continue to evade taxes”, they say.

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