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Apple will solve the problem of scratching of the iPhone in the color Jet Black

Quite some time ago in the Network there are rumors of Apple switching to new types of buildings in future iPhone models. If the current flagships entirely made of aluminium, this time the manufacturer will give preference to glass: iPhone 8 will receive a stainless steel frame, while the entire back panel will be covered with glass panel. In the future, Apple is planning to use ceramic housings that have a number of advantages. In this case the iPhone in the color “black onyx” will not be prone to scratches like the current model iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple has developed a universal method of polishing ceramic parts of different sizes. Description of the technology appears in a new patent application of a company called “Laser Polishing Ceramic Material”. The technology, developed by engineers from Cupertino will include work with different types of materials, including ceramics and zirconium oxide.

Based tool for laser polishing lies a heating element to ensure an effective process due to the possibility to increase the temperature at specific sites. This method allows you to avoid uneven heating by the beam with a precision of hundredths of a millimeter, and provides the most stable structure even of such refractory material as ceramic.

Rumors about the appearance of the iPhone in a ceramic body began to appear a few years ago. Of course, this is not a perfect material. Ceramic looks gorgeous, as you can see on the example of Xiaomi Mi Mix of ceramic and frameless smartphone. However, this device, despite the attractive design, impossibly slippery and extremely fragile: it is inconvenient to hold in hands, as he constantly slips out. However, even a fall from a relatively low height, almost always leads to damages of the hull and quite significant.

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So why is the iPhone such a case? Experts called several reasons: first, to select the device among its main competitors, as LG G6 metallic, and Galaxy S8 is credited with the body of glass. In addition, Apple can make more accessories and AppleCare+ is additional insurance for the company’s products.

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