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Apple will replace the Intel-branded chips in 2020

According to rumors, Apple is working on its own processors for Mac and plans to abandon development of Intel.

Analysts Bloomberg reported that Apple long ago there was a project code named Kalamata. Its essence is to replace the existing third-party processors in the Mac computers on your own chips.

This project has a long history but is still at an early stage. Because of this, the management of the company decided to postpone the launch of new computers with a proprietary processor for 2020.

Such news appear for the first time. In a network often there are rumors that Apple want to release the laptop on its own architecture. Besides, the Corporation already have their own auxiliary T2 chips in the iMac Pro.

And although Bloomberg has estimated the date of implementation of the project Kalamata, this does not mean that in 2020, Apple will completely abandon Intel components. Perhaps the company will start with the laptop computer MacBook, as it has previously worked on a mobile processor and is not used for compute-intensive tasks.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is preparing a MacBook that runs on the ARM architecture. This would allow the laptop to the Corporation a much longer time from a single battery charge. But programmers would have to port the macOS to the mobile processor and to adapt the application under it, that will take a very long time. Therefore, the transition, and if held, it is still not soon.

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